Quality control systems

Troika scanning microscope is one quality control device for all key printing supplies. Improve productivity, efficiency and print quality.

Troika AniCAM 3D microscope

Troika AniCAM 3D scanning microscope has been designed to help the print industry control the quality of key components in the industrial printing process.

  • 15% make ready waste saving
  • Reduction of ink waste of 50%
  • 4% Production productivity gain
  • Return on investment within 6 MONTHS

Troika AniCAM 3D scanning microscope allows in-depth inspection of:

  • printing plates:
    • photopolymer flexo and letterpress / dry offset
    • printing sleeves
    • elastomer
  • wear and quality of anilox rolls
  • CtP plates and CtF negatives
  • gravure cylinders

Each Troika scanning microscope is integrated with custom software to provide a complete system for inspecting flexo plates and sleeves, anilox rolls and gravure cylinders. Troika AniCAM 3D scanning microscope and quality control management system can also be used in the coating, embossing, and engraving industry. The solution has been developed to promote operational efficiency, consistent quality and continuous improvement at industrial printing facilities.

Troika quality control systems:

  • promote printing quality and consistency
  • reduce waste in the press shop
  • increase press productivity
  • reduce set-up time
  • improve client satisfaction
  • improve efficiency and profitability

We also offer portable digital microscopes by ViTiny. We are a global distributor of photopolymer flexographic plates and letterpress plates by Toyobo.

Print Systems provides full support with the choice, implementation, and maintenance of packaging printing technology.

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