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Excellent, precise, fully automated press parts cleaner. It is easy to use, practical, and environmentally friendly.


Press parts cleaning machine

Chamber, spray press parts cleaning machine for printing press parts—modern and ergonomic design. The wash and rinse chamber is located at a height, enabling comfortable work and installation of washing elements by the operator. An acid-proof steel door with a window for safe viewing during operation. A few rotations of the conical basket are enough, and all elements inserted into the washing machine are perfectly clean and pre-dried, with no residual liquid.

Users appreciate:

  • A conical basket can be adapted to the customer’s needs at the design stage. The baskets’ shape prevents the remaining fluids from being left in the printing inkwells after washing.
  • It is possible to perform all operations from the front of the machine, reducing its footprint.
  • Ergonomic rotary valves drain liquids from the machine. They are adjustable to the height standard of containers with a cleaning agent.
  • Eco – a standard closed circuit of liquids.
  • Operating costs are limited to fluids and low-cost interlining filters.
  • All elements of the device that come into contact with water are made of stainless steel.
  •  Automatic programs for easy operation.
  • Fume extraction.
  • It is the only one on the market, so using a pressure chamber cleaning system for machine parts is easy.

Parts cleaning machine – how does it work?

Example of machine configuration:

Maximum part length [mm] 700 x H. 280 x L. 140
Machine dimensions [mm]W. 1400 x H. 1850 x L. 1200
Power supply3x 400V 50 Hz
Additional connections requiredAir connection 6 bar
Liquid tank capacity [L]60
Water tank capacity [L]60

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