inhibicja tlenowa polimer

QZ, the next-generation printing plate by Toyobo

Printing plate QZ, the next-generation polimer by Toyobo, an effective solution to a number of printing problems. Flat top dot is the holy grail of flexography. The result of the search for the perfect tonal transition. Until its invention, oxygen...

Dariusz Szymendera

Simplicity, functionality and eco-design are the primary goals of our own machine production at Print Systems

An interview with Dariusz Szymendera, the CEO of Print Systems, in connection with the introduction of own-manufactured cleaning equipment under the brand name QUICKER to the market. Where did the idea for starting the production of machines come...

Mikroskop poligraficzny 3D Troika AniCam

Sun Chemical Chose Troika AniCam 3D measurement system for technical support of their customers

Sun Chemical is the world’s biggest manufacturer and supplier of inks, pigments, printing materials and services dedicated to packaging, publishing, coating, plastics, cosmetics market, and other industrial applications. Three hundred locations...

water wash flexographic plate

QZ new generation water-wash flexographic plate

Only a few years ago, during plenty of printing symposia, each speaker argued that oxygen inhibition at exposing flexographic plates has a salutary influence on the quality of the elements mapped on it. Sharpening the dot tops, minimal differences...

pomiar i kontrola aniloksów

Apex and Troika announce collaboration in advanced anilox product development

Benefits of partnership to the flexo industry to be unveiled at Labelexpo Europe. Apex International and Troika Systems are bringing together their combined expertise in the production processes of anilox roll manufacturing and accurate anilox...

tester farb drukarskich

Ink Proofer: Anilox Holder

Ink Proofer: Anilox Holder for the anilox used by different Ink Testing Equipment Manufacturers. Ink and Substrate testing is an important part of ensuring press set up time is minimized for professional printers. Consequently, it is important to...

pomiar walców rastrowych

Magnetic revolution – rotation angle around anilox rolls

Now you can position an AniCAM or SurfaceCAM on steel cylinders/ rolls with MagneCAM, a rotation angle around anilox rolls of up to 120°. The MagneCAM Option incorporates Magnetic Legs and Internal Drive Couplings to enable the unit to take...

urządzenie do obróbki płyt fleksograficznych

In-house flexo plate prepress – cost or investment?

Virtually every day we hear about multi-million investments made by printers, but most of them go to the print department. They are buying increasingly modern printing machines, with more colours, with additional sections and technical innovations....

czyszczenie wałków rastrowych, di lavaggio per rulli anilox, anilox roll cleaning machine

5 methods of anilox roller cleaning – advantages and disadvantages

Putting in place effective anilox roller cleaning procedures, adapted to the needs of the facility, should be a priority for every printing house. If done right, they will translate into longer anilox lifetimes and better ink transfer, which...

odpady drukarni fleksograficznej

Respect the environment, using several good practices

Flexographic printing facilities deal with many things that can affect the environment. Materials such as ink and solvents used in the package printing process can harm the environment and people if the company does not meet adequate standards and...