Mounting precision and efficiency

Scapa adhesive mounting tapes for the printing industry ensure great print quality, even at high printing speeds and during long runs.


Scapa foams and tapes

Scapa Exafit® double-sided adhesive tapes were designed specifically to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of the flexographic industry.

Scapa tapes are available at a variety of thickness levels, hardness levels, and adhesion properties. They use the system of colour coding for easier recognition by printing press operators.

Scapa Exafit® products guarantee unbeatable consistency and quality of print finish ideally suited to the needs of the flexo package printing. They use acrylic adhesive technology that was developed to provide reliable binding even during long printing runs and at high printing speeds.

Scapa adhesive tapes ensure:

  • easy removal of air bubbles,
  • adhesion to all surfaces involved in the flexographic printing process (aluminium, steel, sleeve, PU/epoxy),
  • easy, residue-free and damage-free de-mounting of the plates after the printing job,
  • good quality print at high speed,
  • easy positioning and repositioning of the printing form


Foams 400                                               Foams 500



We also offer photopolymer flexo plates and letterpress plates by Toyobo as well as adhesive mounting tapes by Biessse.

Print Systems provides full support with the choice, implementation, and maintenance of flexo printing technology.

Scapa double-sided adhesive tapes for the flexographic industry

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