Replace traditional exposure units based on conventional fluorescent UVA tubes

Eliminate losses due to lamp instability!

The minimum LED UV lamp lifespan is around 5000 hours!


UV LED Exposure unit

QUICKER UV LED is a device for exposing photopolymer plates, replacing traditional exposure units based on conventional fluorescent UVA tubes that cannot ensure a stable exposure process due to fluctuations in light intensity throughout the entire workday and the lifespan of the lamp.

It is a response to the huge market demand for high-quality digital plates. QUICKER UV LED guarantees stable and repeatable UV light exposure of photopolymer plates. A notable advantage of the QUICKER UV LED exposure unit is its ability to achieve flat-top dots, essential for printing seamless tonal transitions.

The unit can perform three steps of plate preparation: back exposure, main exposure, and UVA post-exposure. The HMI touchscreen control panel includes all the necessary functions for these processes, and the operator uses only one button. The unit comes with manufacturer-programmed parameters for the plate being prepared, eliminating the need for operator experimentation.

QUICKER UV LED exposure unit helps eliminate losses due to lamp instability.

  • Cool LED light does not emit high temperatures.

Effectively mitigates increased oxygen inhibition due to elevated temperature during exposure of the plate, which prevents any loss of quality even in the finest elements on the photopolymer.

  • Consistency in exposure with the same energy across the entire plate surface.

Uniform reproduction of all elements on the plate. In the back exposure process, the plate achieves a uniform surface and depth of base, ensuring the stability of all photopolymer elements.

  • Powerful and fully controlled UVA light throughout the LED UV lamp’s lifespan.

After setting the appropriate parameters, we are assured that the plates will receive the same amount of energy throughout the UV lamp’s life. Losses due to lamp instability are eliminated.

  • Limitation of oxygen inhibition – flat-top plate

We achieve flat-top dots and other elements on the plate. This is crucial, for instance, in applying adhesive for cold stamping, preventing adhesive overflow and enabling the creation of truly fine details.

  • Using a long-life UV LED lamp is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Maximum exposed plate size: 762×635 [mm]

Dimensions [mm]: Length: 1650/ Width: 1250/ Height: 1240

Power supply: 230 [V]

Power: 1.5 [kW]

Maximum exposed plate size: 762×635 [mm]

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