No processing film. High image contrast.

Perfect imaging of details and printing effects. No chemicals, no investment and no removal costs.


Laser ablation film

We offer a patented laser ablative film with a vacuum system for newer infrared laser plate imagers.

Laser ablation film requires no processing and can be handled in normal room light.

  • no darkrooms
  • no special lighting
  • no chemicals
  • no processor maintenance
  • no plumbing
  • no disposal cost

It offers substantial cost savings in that you no longer need an imagesetter, just a laser (a $25,000 -$100,000 savings on equipment, not to mention ongoing maintenance and precious metal films); further, the process is chemical-free. Since the product is competitively priced, the consumer saves on chemical purchases and waste removal costs. It requires absolutely no processing. The product also has no known shelf-life limits.

Laser ablation film should be exposed with a laser that employs vacuum debris cleaning capability. Compatible with:

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