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flexo plate cleaner, perač klišea nakon štampe, myjka do płyt polimerowych

The latest QUICKER C66 post-print plate washer installation occurred in Serbia. Our customer, the SPEKTAR Company, was founded in 1985. SPEKTAR’s basic activity is the production, processing, and sales of multilayer polyamide sausage casings and high-barrier heat-shrinkable films and bags, which are used in the food-processing industry to package meat and dairy products.


All of the company’s products are made with modern technology, utilizing the latest equipment and the highest-quality raw materials. These products fully satisfy customers’ needs regarding the functional and attractive packaging of fresh, processed, and cooked meat and fermented or ripening cheeses.


The quality of products is controlled at regular intervals as part of the Quality Assurance program and according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Food compliance with final products is regulated in renowned and respectable accredited laboratories in Serbia and abroad. Quality, precision, and speed of service are the best possible references for the SPEKTAR Company as a reliable supplier of flexible packaging for domestic and foreign customers.


The company was struggling with a significant problem of plates being pulled into the AGI machine it had been using. This had a great impact on turnaround times and often damaged the printing plate, which was connected with the high costs of preparing a new plate.


SPEKTAR representatives attended a demonstration of the QUICKER C66 cleaning machine manufactured by Print Systems at the invitation of our Serbian distributor, GOLDENGRAFIKA Doo. During the presentation, they tested their plates, which were soiled with various inks. In everyday production, they use UV, solvent, and water-based inks. Tests convinced them that washing printing plates in the QUICKER cleaning machine is faster while maintaining high quality regardless of whether ink was used on the plate. The critical importance to our customer was the safety of the plate. Our solution is how the plate is guided on a special belt during washing. It prevents the washed plate from falling into the machine.



Successful tests, washing efficiency, reliability, and safety determined the investment in a new post-printing plate washing machine, QUICKER C66. Our representative for the Balkans countries, Ladislav Kubik, installed the machine and trained staff.


Congratulations and best wishes for success!

The Print Systems team