Smart automation

Cost-effective, precise and easy-to-use anilox roll and sleeve ultrasonic cleaners. Fully automated for smarter and safer maintenance of the anilox rolls.


Anilox roll cleaning machine

Ultrasonic anilox roll cleaning machines are fully automated for roll and sleeves maintenance. Individually designed to deep clean anilox rolls, sleeves, or gravure cylinders of all sizes, they will help you reduce set-up times, minimize press downtime, increase the lifetime of the rolls and optimize printing quality.

Ultrasonic anilox roll and sleeve cleaners are a perfect solution for daily washing and maintenance of the rolls. The short and gentle cleaning process leaves the rolls perfectly clean and ready for use in 25 minutes without causing any wear or tear to the roll.

Cleaning machines have been designed to work with all types of ink. The water consumption is very low and the cleaners have a built-in cleaning agent circulation system that allows the re-use of the liquid.

How to Clean Anilox Rolls?

We also offer photopolymer plate washing systems and after-printing cleaning chemicals. We are a global distributor of water-wash photopolymer plates by the Japanese company Toyobo.

Print Systems provides full support with the choice, implementation, and maintenance of packaging printing technology.

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