Flexo Academy

Develop the competencies and expertise of your team. Use over 20 years of experience we have gathered in the package printing industry.

Personnel training

Personnel training is a key element in building competent teams. An experienced, well-trained and engaged staff is what printers value the most. The packaging printing industry develops fast and its technology keeps changing. This means there is a huge need to improve competencies. As part of our Flexo Academy, we offer several types of training courses:

Open training courses – performed as classroom-based or online training (so-called webinars).

Training courses for clients focused on:

  • reduction of waste and improvement of printing effectiveness
  • high-quality processing of flexo and letterpress plates
  • extending the lifespan of photopolymer plates
  • quality inspection systems:

Machine operation training:

We also run dedicated personnel training whose program depends on the outcome of the printing technology audit and individual coaching sessions at the client’s site. Our experts teach how to optimize photopolymer plate processing technology to achieve high printing quality, consistency, and repeatability.