Unique knowledge and experience

Consult printers and converters on increasing production potential, improving print quality, and ensuring long-term competitive advantage.


Our client’s success comes from the intelligent application of technology to meet the complex business needs of the packaging printing industry. How can this be achieved? Our consulting services focus on in-depth analysis and diagnosis of the current situation, calibrating requirements and expectations, and finding opportunities to integrate existing solutions and design new ones based on state-of-the-art technologies applied in the packaging printing process.

Our objectives are:

  • satisfying the client’s business needs
  • optimizing current technology
  • designing and implementing technology and process innovations that will translate into an increase in production quality, efficiency, and savings and into a reduced environmental impact
  • evaluation of solutions

Over 20 years of experience, deep knowledge of flexo and letterpress printing, and the unique skills of our experts enable us to devise optimal and practical solutions that contribute to our client’s business success and assure long-term competitive advantage.

We are active across Europe, always listening to our clients’ needs and expectations. We have analyzed hundreds of cases to devise the most effective solutions. To help our clients succeed, we partner with the industry’s world leaders: Toyobo, Troika, Bat Graphics, Scapa, Biessse, and Amsky.

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