Flexo plate control

AniCAM For FlexoPlate QC – device and software for flexo plate control. 3D inspection and measurement of flexo, typo plates, reprints, negatives / CtP plates with the mask. Device for measurement of reprints, plates, and negatives. It assures optimum control of flexographic printing plates preparation process

This device features the possibility of 3D plate profiling, which enables measurement and inspection of even 1% screen dots. Possibility of 3D flexo plates, dot height, and angle analysis. This function also includes a 2D flexo plate analysis. It enables 1% halftone, line frequency, angle, diameter and distance measurement. Images and readings can be archived.

The AniCAM measures 2D and 3D readings for dot percentage, screen count, relief depth, compression simulation, and angles.

  • Easy to use;
  • High repeatability and accuracy – the AniCAM does not touch the measuring area ensuring dots are not compressed;
  • Light and portable in a strong carry case;
  • 3D view and analysis of the plate surface and dots to identify problems – shoulder angles, relief, and intermediate depths can be exactly determined;
  • Export data spreadsheet applications.

Warranty 12 months

Training Manual

Free delivery

Service manufacturer

This device includes:

  • the case for carrying the device and accessories,
  • PC software,
  • 2m USB cable,
  • powering battery and power cable,
  • three lenses:

x20 lens
x10 lens
x04 lens


  • 3D dot profile analysis (X/Y/Z);
  • Dot percentage;
  • Screen Count;
  • Dot hight analysis;
  • Screen angle (on sleeves);
  • Relief depth;
  • Any X/Y measurements.


Warranty and post-warranty service manufacturer.

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