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Automatic inline washing system for polymer plates

The only patent-pending automatic inline system on the market, it is the answer to printers’ demands for the automation of production processes. The feeder QUICKER AF and plate receiver QUICKER AR are compatible with any QUICKER C-Series cleaning machine.

A special connector allows the feeder to be connected to the cleaner at any time during use. Easy control by means of a single potentiometer on the feeder, with which the operator adjusts the washing speed depending on how dirty the plates are.

Benefits of using a QUICKER inline system:

  • AUTOMATION – up to 90% savings in operator’s time allow better use of human resources
  • COSTS OF AUTOMATIC WASHING PROCESS constitute only 33% of the cost of manual washing
  • SAVINGS IN SPECIALIST CHEMICALS – the cleaner operates in a closed circuit
  • LESS POWER CONSUMPTION – fluids are not heated in the process
  • SAFE PROCESS FOR OPERATOR – no fumes, no costly installations
  • LIMITED TO THE MINIMUM risk of damage to the plate during cleaning
  • Using regular cleaning procedures extends the LIFE OF PHOTOPOLYMERS.
  • The QUICKER AF automatic feeder eliminates the time-consuming process of manually loading the plates into the cleaner.

Plate sizes to operate cleaning in QUICKER Inline system:

plate size max[mm] 660×600 960×600 1400×1200
plate size min[mm]200×200200×200350×350

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