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We look at every aspect of your printing operations to come up with technology improvements that will drive your growth.

Flexo printing technology audit

The printing technology audit is a free service provided by our experts to define areas for improvement in your printing process.

Its many benefits include getting an outside perspective and in-depth, objective analysis based on many years of experience in the packaging printing industry. At Print Systems we have consulted and implemented technology for over 300 commercial printers across Europe. The audit methodology and specialized measuring equipment at the disposal of our auditors allow us to calibrate key production processes and precisely define areas for improvement.

During the audit, we examine the following parts of the process:

  • Prepress/plate making – we search for areas where savings can be found and recurring errors can be eliminated
  • Press – we check the possibilities of improving ink transfer, extending the lifespan of printing plates, reducing set-up time and reducing dot gain
  • Postpress – we analyze what happens to the anilox rolls, press parts and plates after print runs and how it impacts production re-start and quality of printing
  • Quality control – we define process areas where regular quality inspection should be performed to minimize waste and production errors

Following the audit, you will receive the recommendation report aimed at:

  • Improving printing quality
  • Eliminating common errors
  • Shortening the printing process and increasing efficiency
  • The selection of effective chemical agents is key to maintaining high and reproducible print quality.
  • Reducing waste
  • Improving employee awareness

We also provide consulting services and scheduled technical visits for the packaging and label printing industry.

Print Systems provides full support with the choice, implementation, and maintenance of flexo printing technology.

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