100% of prepress control

CtP plate-making machine automates the plate setting workflow. Do you want to reduce prepress costs by up to 50%? Invest in your own CtP prepress.

CTP plate making machine

We offer CtP machines by Amsky, the producer of fully automated, easy-to-use, ultra-modern digital plate-making machines and systems for prepress.

Amsky Aura CtP plate-making machine uses dynamic autofocus and drum auto-balancing to ensure the highest quality and stability in flexo and typo plate-making. Their newly designed vacuum system for the external drum keeps the photopolymer plate on its surface, eliminating the need for mounting tape outside the plate area.

Amsky Aura CtP machines come with a prepress software package.

Important: low laser replacement costs!


Amsky Aura CtP digital plate-making system offers the following functions: 

  • predefining plates,
  • arrangement and imposition of 1 Bit TIFF files,
  • storing data about every finished printing job,
  • sending jobs to Aura,
  • job queue management,
  • monitoring the progress status of every job,
  • archiving.

Amsky Aura CtP machines and digital plate-making systems offer multiple opportunities at a very competitive price. The high quality, great functionality of the CtP system, and excellent technological parameters are sure to meet your expectations.

We also offer flexo photopolymer plates and letterpress plates by Toyobo and a wide range of plate-making machines.

Print Systems provides full support with the choice, implementation, and maintenance of CtP technology.

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