Perfect ink distribution

Anilox rolls for flexo printing professionals are individually customized to satisfy their highest print quality requirements.


Anilox roll

The anilox roll is the heart of the printing press.

It transfers a precisely specified quantity of ink onto the printing plate. This is why the quality of the anilox roll has a tremendous influence on printing quality. We need to adjust the anilox volume to the quantity of ink we want to transfer onto the substrate. We also want to match the screen ruling and the anilox line screen.

At Print Systems, we help our clients make the right decisions and eliminate the guesswork from the flexographic printing process.

Our anilox supplier is the French company BAT Graphics, producing high-quality and high-precision anilox rolls for the printing industry. BAT Graphics is the key supplier to many global producers of printing presses. The company also delivers anilox regeneration services.

We also offer doctor blades, printing inks, and Anilox roller washing machines.

Print Systems provides full support for choosing, implementing, and maintaining flexo printing technology.

Anilox rolls for flexographic printing

How to determine ruling and volume of an anilox?

The supplied quantity of ink (anilox volume) has to match base we are printing on and ruling of the printing plate. Quantity has influence on optical density of printed area, as well as on dot gain, which equals quality of imaging during flexo printing.

How do you know if anilox should be only cleaned or recovered?

There several methods to measure anilox wear available in the market. A popular one is ink dot testing, which consists in applying specified quantity of special ink on anilox roll and, after making impression on base, measuring area of this impression.

Anilox roll cleaning methods

Putting in place effective anilox cleaning procedures, adapted to the needs of the facility, should be a priority for printing houses. If done right, they will translate into longer anilox lifetimes and better ink transfer, which improves stability and repeatability of printing. It is a crucial component of pre-press and should be a key part of an advanced quality control system.

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