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Photopolymer letterpress plates by Toyobo. Dramatically reduced plate-making time and perfect dot reproduction with no chemicals used.


Plate making process


Letterpress plates

New generation letterpress plates Toyobo Printight RF, RM (analogue) and QF-R, QM-R (digital).

Key advantage:

  • Outstanding image reproduction makes finer screen dots, letters, and smooth gradation
  • Excellent flexibility and easy mounting
  • Smoothes (less tacky) plate surface
  • Excellent printing durability

Minimal processing time:

  • face exposure 1-3 min
  • washout: 150 sec
  • drying: 10 min
  • exposure – same as face exposure/ a little bit longer than face exposure

Toyobo Printight® letterpress plates are widely used for printing on labels, mugs, cans, buckets, bottle caps and pad printing, embossing, and varnishing.

The newest generation of these Japanese polymer plates provides exceptional flexibility and strength, better reproduction of even the smallest halftones, a smoother surface after processing and higher resolutions (up to 200 LPI / 1% for CtP plates and 175 LPI / 1% for analogue plates). This makes it possible to reproduce even the finest details in print runs where quality is key.

Printight® letterpress plates are water-washable.

Letterpress plates are available in standard sizes: A-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4, 635×815, 600×800, and many others specially customized to address the business needs of individual clients. The product range includes over 200 types of Printight® typo plates of different sizes, hardness, resolution, and base material.

We also offer flexo plates by Toyobo, CtP machines, and plate-making machines. Print Systems provides full support with the choice, implementation, and maintenance of technology.

Photopolymer letterpress plates for exellent printing quality!

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Letterpress plates

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