Precision of mounting

Simplicity, accuracy and repeatability. They are designed for narrow web flexo printers.


Plate mounting system Camis

Plate mounting system CAMIS IRISMALL is a cost-effective and versatile narrow web mounter suitable for sleeves, cylinders, and shells thought interchangeable or dedicated tooling

Simple and easy to use, it achieves dot-on-dot registration quickly without complications but brings into the narrow web market all the main features of our mid to wide web mounters


  • Printing width: up to 730mm or 850mm (sleeve)
  • Printing repeats: 250mm > 800mm
  • Two manual cameras
  • Widescreen monitor for easy mounting reference tracking
  • Two digital indicators to guarantee accurate and repeatable camera positioning
  • Front and back mounting table


  • Sleeve dedicated version
  • Shell sleeve dedicated version
  • Removable sleeve mandrel for combined mounting
  • Plate pressure roller (option)
  • Pneumatic dividing gear (on sleeve only configuration)

Advantages of the plate mounting system Camis Irismall

  • Available as a universal mounter with three formats in one
  • Equalises all operations so that all operators mount to the same standard
  • Simple and very effective
  • Constantly evolved and refined

Specifications of the plate mounting system Camis Irismall:

  • The Twin Camera high magnification (50x) video system is linked to 2 digital position indicators, which track camera movement and feed the plate image to a wide 19”
  • TFT split screen monitor guarantees absolute accuracy and easy registration of register marks.
  • The Irismall is equipped with a plate mounting table that allows the operator to lay the plate on top of the cylinder/sleeve, thus ensuring tight plate registration. This allows both full-width single and narrower multiple plates to be positioned without the polyester liner attached to the tape, therefore removing stress from the polyester liner (plate base) if the plates need lifting for repositioning. It also allows the plate to be seen without distortion, increasing the overall registration tolerance.
  • The machine comes with a useful tape support bar that increases the accuracy and repeatability of the tape application phase.

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