Safety and comfort

Systematic, pro-active, preventive and professional support of our technical flexo advisors.

Regular technical visits

Regular technical visits at the Customer’s site are performed in order to monitor the key technical aspects of our cooperation, react to needs reported during cooperation and implement solutions, optimize processes and suggest technical improvements, that will contribute to further development of the company. Direct contact with the Customers allows for a deep analysis of needs as well as quick reactions to the technical needs of our partners. Full know-how and experience are at the disposal of our specialists.

A technical visit includes verification of:

  • Cleanliness of machines,
  • Brushes,
  • Power of light bulbs with a special gauge,
  • Conformity of parameters with the ones agreed on lately,
  • Printing quality:
    • Minimum points,
    • Transfers, etc.
    • Interview with employees,
    • Print-out samples,
    • Negative analysis,
    • Analysis of proper mask imaging on the plate.

If deviations are found we are setting up the whole process again versus the quality expected and accepted by the Customer.

A full visit summary will be prepared. Documents will be sent to the Customer.