Plate making machine Exposure 80 FL/LT

Plate making machine Exposure 80 FL/LT for photopolymer plates up to a maximum size of 660 x 810 mm. Exposure,Dryer, Light Finisher and Post-Exposure.

  • Capable of exposing, drying and finishing & post-exposing plate with high quality
  • Easy to operate, install and maintain
  • 7” Touch screen* or LCD Control Panel, easily customize and setup for 9 different programs
  • End of job alert


  • Anodized aluminum cool bed for exposure
  • Cool bed with cooling unit*
  • Powerful and fast vacuum system and vacuum indicator on control panel
  • Lamp life calculator
  • Defective lamp indicator
  • Lamp temperature control and regulation
  • Automatic exposure lid opening and closing*
  • Yellow inspection tube


  • Programmable drying temperature between 15°C to 65°C ( ±2°C )
  • 3 drawer
  • Timer for each drawer
  • Easy accessible wide opening drawers for easy operating and high productivity
  • Uniform temperature distribution for excellent drying and plate dimensional  stability

Light Finishing & Post Expose

  • UV-A and UV-C lamps
  • Defective lamp indicator
  • Fume extraction system
  • Lamp life calculator
  • Lamp temperature control and regulation







Max plate size 66×81 cm
Compressed Air Min. 6 barów – 200 l/min
Drying temperature 15-65°C
Weight net 360 kg
Weight gross
435 kg
Power 7 kW
Wymiary W/L/H 125/142/115
Environmental Requirements Temperature: 15°C to 30°C

Humidity: 40% -60%

Easy to use.

All necessary sections

12 months

Warranty and post warranty service.

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