Urządzenie – EXPOSURE – TLD HD (Top Lift Double) 106x 153 cm

Plate making equipment for photopolymer plates up to a maximum size of 1060 x 1530 mm.

  • Capable of exposing (back & main) and finishing/post-exposing* all high quality photopolymer plates at high dot resolution, excellent line definition, deep reverses repeatable results for both back and main exposures to meet the highest HD Flexo standard
  • High power UV-A lamps for high quality at high speed
  • Easy to operate, install and maintain
  • User-friendly 7” touch screen operation panel displays all necessary times and settings
  • 20 programmable channels for different plates process conditions
  • The top lid opens/closes smoothly and completely, it makes easier to reach all four sides of the plate
  • Provides both main and back exposure at once without moving palate due to the glass bed
  • Suitable for all digital and analogue plates
  • Lamp life time calculator
  • Defective lamp indicator
  • Lamp temperature control and regulation
  • Yellow inspection lamp
  • Electronic ballast
  • End of job alert
  • One drawer for stock/ Finishing & Post-exposure*



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Maximum Plate Size 1060 x 1530 mm
Plate Type Analog & Digital
Exhaust (Light Finisher) Ø100 mm
Compressed Air male coupling 8 mm/ 7 bar minimum – 200l/min
Environmental Requirements Temperature : 15°C to 30°C Humidity : 40% -60%
Power 10 kW 20A 400 V AC (3 Ph/N/PE)50/60 Hz
Crate Dimension (approx.) 2700*1960*1650 mm
Weight net 1300 kg
Weight gross 1700 kg
Options & Accessories Finishing & Post-Exposure

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12 miesięcy.

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