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Perfect replacement UV lamps for every printing press with high longevity and quality. 1500 hrs operation warranty.


UV lamps

Our main supplier of UV lamps is the German company LampTech. LampTech UV lamps are top-quality replacement lamps. They have a broad application in the printing and packaging industry:

  • offset
  • screen printing,
  • flexography,
  • letterpress,
  • printing on metal,
  • UV coating of wood,
  • UV coating of plastic,
  • UV ceramic coating,
  • UV coating of glass,
  • sterilization of air and water,
  • CD/DVD printing,
  • UV hardening of adhesives,
  • UV curing of Diazo film, etc.

We offer replacement UV lamps for all printing presses available in the market: Heidelberg, Roland, KBA, Nilpeter, Mark Andy, Gallus, Alpha Edale, Gidue, Siat, CARRARO, W&H Olympia, Allied Gear, UTECO, OFEM, FISCHER & KRECKE, COMEXI, HOLWEG.

You can order ultraviolet lamps enhanced with mercury, gallium, indium, iron as well as their combinations.

UV lamps we offer are covered by a 1.500-hour warranty.

For printing operations relying on infrared curing, we offer IR lamps for every printing press.

We also offer water-wash flexographic plates and letterpress plates by the Japanese producer Toyobo.

Print Systems provides full support with the choice, implementation, and maintenance of flexo printing technology.

UV lamps for the printing and packaging industry

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