100% removable, residue-free, 100% reusable.

One way vision films for printed, see-through advertising on shop, car or public vehicle windows.


One Way Vision window film

One Way Vision window film, perforated with unique print-on-adhesive technology. It uses the revolutionary TOKE layer. It allows single-step mounting on the inside of shop windows, which makes exposing the printed side of the film on the outside possible.

It is ideal for all types of businesses that rely on shop windows to attract customers. The technology does not only allow appealing presentations but also makes maintenance and changes super easy.

TOKE is a micro-suction layer whose surface is covered with 10 000 micro-suction cups per 1cm2. When pressed, air escapes from the cups creating a vacuum. The surface is not sticky but it has excellent adhesion to flat surfaces – just like a gecko.

The base is the mat-white non-transparent material. The micro-suction layer does not feel very adhesive when touched but it is high tack and allows application on a variety of flat surfaces.

100% removable, 100% residue-free, 100% reusable.

Mounting the printed film on the shop window requires no adhesive or mounting tape. TOKE layer can be reused. Mounting and dismounting require no skills. Dismounting results in no damage to the surface even if it is paper. It leaves no traces.


  • The most convenient and comprehensive solution for interior mounting perforated shop window films.
  • Easy mounting and dismounting make reusing printed materials possible.
  • It leaves no residue on the surface.
  • Interior-mounted graphics are protected from weather conditions and acts of vandalism.


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