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Excellent replacement IR lamps with high quality and longevity. For every printing press. Up to 20000 hrs operation warranty.


IR lamps

Infrared halogen lamps are key in the paper and print finishing process. The heat they generate makes faster and more uniform drying possible, which contributes to print quality, speed, efficiency, and repeatability.

We are the main supplier of IR lamps – single and twin tube infrared lamps for Heidelberg, Roland, KBA, Komori, Akiyama, Mitsubishi, Sakurai, and other printing presses.

We offer IR lamps operating in systems such as Eltosch, Grafix, Piller, Herberts, Jac De Vries, Moss, XRLM, Ryobi, Romayor and others.

For the correct identification of your infrared emitter, please click on the questionnaire below to send the technical details to us.

We can provide a full range of replacement IR lamps for Heidelberg offset printing presses, including Piller, Drystar, as well as new, medium-wave infrared emitters for faster curing.

We guarantee:

  • 5000 hours of operation for short- and medium-wave IR lamps,
  • 20000 hours of operation for medium-wave infrared lamps.

The most desirable features of good IR lamps in the printing and packaging industry are short response times, high precision and efficiency as well as longevity.

For printing operations relying on ultraviolet curing, we offer UV lamps for every printing press.

We also offer water-wash flexographic plates and letterpress plates by the Japanese producer Toyobo.


IR lamps for the printing industry

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