Premium brand effect

Innovative technology to remove the metallised film layer for a perfectly transparent window effect in packaging. The customer sees what he buys!

Demetallization technology SILVERO

The new, innovative SILVERO demetallization technology consists in removing the metallised layer from films of any shape. As a result, the packaging material (film) becomes completely transparent at a given point.

Packaging made of de metallized film means

  • excellent product exposure while maintaining the barrier properties of the metallised film
  • the freedom of “window” shapes allows an interesting and distinctive creation of packaging
  • possibility to apply a metallic element (text, ornament, etc.) within a transparent “window”
  • effect of real shades of silver, gold and other metallic colours (e.g. display of logos, signs, awards)
  • highly refined packaging effect, thus giving the product a premium character
    distinguishes the finished product on the shelf.

An innovative, unique “window” effect can be achieved by :

  • shades
  • coloured transparent foil
  • matt surface
  • metallic text, symbol.

Flexographic printers are welcome to cooperate with us!

Demetalised packaging:

  • enables manufacturers to provide appropriate storage conditions, attractive packaging and at the same time shows what the product really looks like
  • attracts consumers’ attention by allowing them to see what is inside the packaging before opening and encourages them to make better, more informed purchasing decisions
    keeps food and other products completely safe and fresh, while maintaining their high quality.

Transparent packaging is now at the top of the list for food companies, especially those wishing to emphasise qualities such as; freshness, naturalness, home-like taste and superior quality. Combining the characteristics of a metallised film with demetalisation technology provides an innovative way to inform, inspire and appeal to consumers, while also protecting products.

Demetalised packaging opens up new opportunities to create packaging that demonstrates the authenticity of the product and meets the growing expectations of increasingly demanding and sophisticated consumers.


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