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Dedicated advisor

Technical Support by Print Systems company means comprehensive approach for pro-active, coordinated provision of services including implementation and maintenance of technology, which allows our Customers to improve quality, effectiveness and productivity, minimize loss and maximize return on investment in technology. Our target is to assure maximum safety, production continuity and high satisfaction level for our Customers. A dedicated advisor is responsible for constant technical support, customer service and solving of potential problems.


  • personal support of a dedicated specialist,
  • single contact point,
  • holistic approach – perfect knowledge of Customer’s production environment and business characteristics,
  • source of knowledge about technological novelties, trends and business cases,
  • pro-active, preventive and regular visits allowing for identification of potential problems and their root causes,
  • personal assistance in case of trouble shooting (proper substantive level, escalation of problems to higher levels in the company, continuous communication),
  • always available, always on time…24/7/365.

Main tasks of a technical advisor:

  • review meetings at the customer’s, analysis of current information, which will allow for better definition of Customer’s requirements and expectations and as a result will help to improve the existing solutions,
  • coordination of actions of the whole Print Systems support team in order to satisfy Customer’s needs and requirements,
  • information about the emerging new possibilities, services and up-to-date offer,
  • regular technical visits at Customer’s site,
  • processing and submission of reports after a technical visit,
  • coordination of transfer and solving of potential problems,
  • support and technical advice.