Sun Chemical Chose Troika AniCam 3D measurement system for technical support of their customers

Sun Chemical Chose Troika AniCam 3D measurement system for technical support of their customers

Mikroskop poligraficzny 3D Troika AniCam

Sun Chemical is the world’s biggest manufacturer and supplier of inks, pigments, printing materials and services dedicated to packaging, publishing, coating, plastics, cosmetics market, and other industrial applications. Three hundred locations worldwide are implementing the company’s global strategy working for the customers.

Sun Chemical is a part of Japanese chemical concern DIC and its origins date back to 1818.  Sun Chemical Poland is a part of the CEE region and was established in 1994. Since 2003 the headquarters of the company is a modern plant with an office complex in Marki near Warsaw. Focusing on continuous technological development, the company’s activities are oriented at understanding and fulfilling the growing requirements of customers.

Sun Chemical laboratory controls the quality and issues certificates, creates new colours, designs standards and performs various tests depending on the product’s application. The above works involve specialist measurement devices, such as chromatograph, spectrophotometers or spectrodensitometers.

Sun Chemical also relies on technical advice to provide comprehensive service, assistance, and support from the laboratory and technicians. Technicians are available to customers 24 hours a day, depending on the needs and possibilities. Each of them, apart from product knowledge, has experience in working in printing houses. They offer technical assistance with current orders, introduce new products, conduct pieces of training in the field of inks and printing techniques.

It was the Technical Support Team that received the most modern and precise tool to measure the capacity of anilox rolls and rotogravure cylinders – that is the Troika AniCAM 3D device. Ultimately, the device will also be retrofitted with the option of inspection and measurement of flexographic plates in 3D technology.  The AniCAM device will extend the scope of technical support and additional services consisting of optimization and standardization of production processes in the areas of ink mixing and printing.  The use of the AniCAM 3D device and dedicated software in the case of flexographic and rotogravure printing houses is, in their case, a guarantee of comprehensive technical support. It also provides the possibility to react quickly in all problematic and complaint situations because AniCAM allows you to find the source of your print quality problems in just a few steps.  Regular inspection of anilox, printing forms or rotogravure cylinders is the key to success. It also helps to optimize printing costs, reduce downtime and preparation time.

Sun Chemical decided to choose a complete set for management and control of anilox and rotogravure cylinders, which consists of:

  • Troika AniCAM 3D – precise (Certificates: ISO 3290, AFBMA Standard 10, Din 5401), specialist measurement device AniCAM 3D and PIIP HD. It enables complete measurements of printing, flexographic and typographic forms / dry offset; sleeves; wear and tear of anilox; quality of anilox supplied by the manufacturer; CtP plates with mask and CtF negatives as well as rotogravure cylinders.


The device has been selected with software that meets the requirements adequate to the applications planned by Sun Chemical:

  • Anilox QC Application – used to control and analyze the condition of anilox. It measures the capacity and depth of anilox cells, as well as a line screen. All measurements can be archived and viewed after they have been taken.
  • Gravure QC Application – software dedicated to inspection and 3D measurements of rotogravure cylinders. AniCAM allows you to keep track of cylinder wear and quality before mounting on the printing machine, enabling to measure the capacity, depth, and width of cells, opening and channels width, angles and cylinder line screen.
  • Complex engravings – a software add-on for measuring non-standard cells engravings, i.e. open, elongated, trihelical, APEX GTT, etc.
  • AMS ∞ Anilox Management System (supporting an unlimited number of anilox rolls): Software package for managing the entire anilox measurement database. Compatible with Anilox QC application, allows the user to see the status of each anilox at any time, helping to improve printing preparation time, productivity and profitability by reducing the need for ink adjustment.
  • MagneCAM Option incorporated magnetic legs and an internal drive enabling the AniCAM microscope to measure at an angle of rotation of up to 120 degrees around rotogravure cylinders or anilox rolls.

Troika AniCAM_MagneCALM z opcją pozycjonowania 120_Print Systems

  • The AniCAM X-Axis and Y-Axis Micro Adjuster – micro shifting accessories in the X and Y axes integrated into the microscope to help move the measuring head without moving the microscope on a 10 mm (±5 mm) cylinder.
  • AniCAM Certification Package (ACP) is one of the latest achievements of Troika Systems; it allows our customers to automatically calibrate and certify the Troika AniCAM system. It consists of an application designed to enable the customer to perform basic tests of the device, including mechanical, optical and electronic tests, as well as full calibration and certification of the device, facilitating self-certification, and a calibration plate with integrated certified sphere and optical grid.
  • ISO Certification – the self-certification process is designed for annual filling and is specifically designed to reduce costs and downtime due to the need to return the equipment to the manufacturer.

Print Systems is the exclusive distributor of Troika Systems measuring devices in Poland and Italy. Our experience in the implementation of the solution guarantees full customer satisfaction. For this project, we have also carried out a series of training and we are available until you can use the device to the full extent in the daily work of Sun Chemical technicians.

Tomasz Dobrowolski | Business Director Liquid Inks at Sun Chemical Poland:

Choosing Troika AniCam 3D was no coincidence. For many years, following our commitments of Quality – Service – Innovation, Sun Chemical supports customers not only in the area of ink preparation but also in the optimization of print-related production processes. An example of this can be projects related to aniloxes.  Thanks to the use of AniCam microscope, we are able to verify printing tools in the printing house, checking their technical condition or degree of cleanliness, verify the specification of aniloxes and properly catalog the printing tools.

Print Systems turned out to be a fully professional partner already at the stage of analysis of our technical needs, offering the most optimal microscope configuration, and providing a training of our technical team.

Troika AniCam 3D with EFIA Print Award!

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