LED BackLighter Unit

LED BackLighter Unit


Specially developed LED-based Backlighter system with transmissive collimated light to achieve optimised contrast when analysing flexoplate dot surfaces – to be used for 2D analysis on the AniCAM with Flexoplate QC or Plate-2-Print HD measuring systems.

The Backlighter is a robust, high quality back lighting device to illuminate the dots on plate so that very precise and exact measurements for quality control purposes can be taken.


By using this enhanced illumination system the very fast and simple 2-click ‘auto-dot recognition system’ measuring method used on the P2P HD or the FlexoPlate QC application on AniCAM, will analyse all dots in view to give almost instant percentage diameter and screen values of the dots being analysed, including the more recent digital and microcell dot styles.

The back lighter has a circular positioning ring to ensure correct positioning and four illumination settings ensures the dots on the polymer plates are measured correctly.


It has been designed to measure large plates with the P2P HD or FlexoPlate QC on AniCAM with their long USB leads, or fixed in one place where the plate would be moved to the BackLighter, and is powered by internal replaceable batteries.

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