Ink Proofer: Anilox Holder

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Ink Proofer: Anilox Holder for the aniloxes used by different Ink Testing Equipment Manufacturers.

Ink and Substrate testing is an important part of ensuring press set up time is minimised for professional printers. Consequently, it is important to know the proofer aniloxes used in ink testing equipment are clean and are within a practical tolerance of the desired volume if correct ink setup is to be achieved.

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Troika have been asked to make holders to carry these small aniloxes so that the measurements can be made easily.

Consequently, we have developed holders for a variety of proofer aniloxes including those supplied by IGT from the Netherlands, and RK PrintCoats, UK. We believe this will cover most markets globally.

The holder comes in two parts; the main body supports the larger test aniloxes, and a separate holder supports the smaller aniloxes used in the hand-held test units.

Tester farb drukarskich_PrintSystems

The holders are printed on a 3D printer. If other designs are needed please contact our support department.

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