Magnetic revolution – rotation angle around anilox rolls

Magnetic revolution – rotation angle around anilox rolls

Now you can positioning an AniCAM or SurfaceCAM on steel cylinders/ rolls with a rotation angle of up to 120°.

The MagneCAM Option incorporates Magnetic Legs and Internal Drive Couplings to enable the unit to take measurements at a rotation angle of up to 120 degrees around steel cylinders or rolls.

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Outstanding technique

Based on this unique, patent applied for, magnetic holding system, the system can be placed onto a cylinder/roll at an angle of up to 120 degrees.

Markets for the MagneCAM option Target applications are all environments where readings need to be done on mounted rolls/cylinders in machines or presses with limited access- ability.

This applies to embossing/decor steel cylinders as well as to mounted Anilox rolls (see a right example of a corrugated press) and produces much more accurate readings than traditional ink draw-down or cell impression methods.


  1. To address the needs of the Corrugated Printing Market, Anilox QC systems with the MagneCAM option can be supplied with the AMS 75 Anilox Management system (supporting up to 75 Anilox rolls).
  2. The cylinder/roll diameter is limited to a minimum of 100mm for units fitted with the MagneCAM option.
  3. The x20 lens (236 – 475 lpcm | 601 – 1200 LPI) should only be used in the vertical position.
  4. The Y-axis micro adjuster cannot be fitted with the MagnaCAM option

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