Why would Printers need to manage their anilox roll/cylinder inventory ?

What if the printer knew all parameters of each anilox roll in his inventory before mounting them on press? He could actually pre-select a perfectly matched set of rolls – regarding Volume, Variance (volume differences along the roll), screen-count and cell shape. This would definitely reduce the press setup times and waste, improve quality and subsequently lead to additional press availability andimproved print  quality.

Troika offers comparable QC- and Management-Solutions for both worlds – Flexo printing and Gravure Printing. In the following we describe the functionality of the Anilox measuring and QC solution. With high quality flexo and gravure printing it is unquestionable that there are a number of parameters influencing the quality, amount of press setup time and waste. One factor not to be underestimated is the quality, volume and wear of the Anilox rolls.

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