6 reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in CtP prepress

6 reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in CtP prepress

naświetlarka laserowa CtP do produkcji płyt fleksograficznych

The need to increase production efficiency and business profitability. This is the key factor cited by commercial printers who decided to invest in their own prepress CtP equipment. The growing demands of end clients as far as print quality and production speed are concerned to make it necessary to optimize the printing process and implement modern, digital technologies. Investing in your own CtP prepress guarantees a strong, competitive position in the marketplace in the long run.

Why is it a good idea?

prepress CtP machine benefits

1. Time savings

Moving to digital CtP technology reduces the time needed for processing orders and waiting for outside suppliers. It makes it possible to work in a quick and repeatable way as well as to reduce wait times.

2. Cost reductions

CtP laser eliminates the costs of film negatives and outside prepress services. It also reduces labour costs. Another upside is the reduction of printing machines downtime and material waste.

3. Improvement in print quality

High, predictable and repeatable printing standard has become a fact of life. Precise reproduction of screen dots and the elimination of errors resulting from defects in the photopolymer plate or the negative lead to significant quality improvements.

4. Process automation

Having your own prepress CtP machine eliminates potential (and unfortunately still frequent) human errors. The client’s PDF files are transferred directly into the CtP machine and then onto the photopolymer plater. They are also automatically saved, queued and archived, which simplifies workflow and ensures data security.

5. 100% control

The whole process of plate making takes place on the premises. You control the workflow and the results, ensuring the highest quality for your clients as well as the security of graphic files and other types of data.

6. Speed and flexibility

Your own CtP equipment gives you all the flexibility and speed you need to adapt to the clients’ constantly growing expectations. The ability to meet deadlines, deliver results under pressure, easily change production parameters for short-run jobs and quickly eliminate errors is key to increasing the efficiency of your business.

How to maximize the benefits of CtP prepress technology?

You can get great results by combining CtP technology with water-wash polymer plates by Toyobo. They improve the efficiency of the printing process, make it possible to achieve perfect quality and protect the environment by eliminating harmful solvents.

Calculate the ROI for investment in CtP technology Try our online calculator.

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