High-performance adhesive solutions.

Adhesive plate mounting tapes Biessse ensures excellent efficiency and print quality, even at high speeds. Innovative color-coding makes work easier.


Biessse plate mounting tapes

Adhesive plate mounting tapes Biessse are designed to meet the needs of the flexographic printing industry. They ensure excellent adhesion of the printing form to the cylinder or sleeve even during the most demanding printing operations. Biessse adhesive mounting tapes are optimized for easy and clean mounting and de-mounting.

Key benefits of Biessse adhesive plate mounting tapes:

  • innovative color-coding – each compression has its own color, easily recognizable by pressmen and simplifying everyday work,
  • easy, bubble-free mounting,
  • easy, residue-free demounting with no risk of damaging the plates,
  • ready for high-speed printing,
  • great compression stability during long print runs.

Biessse adhesive plate mounting tapes are available at 2 thickness levels: 0,38mm and 0,55mm.

  • 0,38mm tapes come in 3 degrees of compression: hard, medium and soft
  • 0,55mm tapes come in 5 degrees of compression: hard, medium-hard, medium, medium soft, soft

Biessse adhesive plate mounting tapes are enhanced with air transfer microchannels to ensure bubble-free adhesion to the photopolymer plate. This means better precision and stability of flexo printing.

We also offer photopolymer flexographic plates and letterpress plates by Toyobo as well as adhesive tapes by Scapa.

Print Systems provides full support with the choice, implementation, and maintenance of flexo printing technology.

Adhesive plate mounting tapes Biessse for flexographic printing

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